Dress For Success – guide to professional grooming (for females)

First impression is the last impression, more so in the commercialized age we are born in.

Personal grooming is important for career development, relationship building and socializing. The right look can open up new ways and an off image can pull you down to square zero.


Often we mistake grooming to be the same as fashion. The word Fashion, with its more western appeal, often carries a negative connotation among middle class and religiously active households within our society. Also it conjures up an image of branded attire and accessories which requires a lot of monetary investment.

This post will help female youth develop style for professional grooming without appearing too western and that too within budget.


What to wear is the scariest of all decisions for women. The first point you should consider is what is the occasion?

Your choice of dress should vary based on whether you are to attend an official meeting, give a presentation, go for an interview or attend a party, give a birthday surprise, go to a bridal shower.

On average, a middle class, young girl has at least 10 dresses in her wardrobe. Better manage it to have a mix of formal wear, party wear and shaadi wear.

The chart below shows a range of colours and their categorization into Jewel, Neutral, Bright and Soft tones.

Cut pic colours

Reference: Sophie & Trey

For formal (workplace, meetings, interviews) you either go for neutral and soft tone lawn/cotton prints, OR,  choose a plain/ block print/ light embroidery kurta with trousers/pants/choridaar in combination of jewel/bright and neutral tones.

Make sure if you wear a scarf/hijab in addition to dupatta that it matches or is in contrast with the colours of your dress. A beige or black scarf doesn’t go with every attire.

Tip: If you are to give a presentation, then better tie up your dupatta in a way that it does not block your hands or keep falling off your shoulder. This way you’d be able to focus on your content.


Next comes in the crown of your beauty.

If you take hijab, that’s fine, but if you don’t then please pay attention to your hair, its cut, its management, and its style.

Firstly, accept the type of hair you have (wavy, curly or straight) and get a hair-cut that suits you. Go for trimming regularly or better learn how to do it for free yourself through YouTube tutorials.

If you take scarf routinely and only uncover your hair on occasions, then it’s better to plan ahead and get a cut/trim before the event.

Oil your hair regularly, at least once a week, and choose the type that suits your hair. Oil is the best and cheapest hair health booster.

Read this Forbes article telling us what our grannies have been telling us for ages.

Tip: Accessories – beware of the bling when it comes to professional dressing. You most certainly have to use pins, clips and ponies to manage a neat clean look, but, do not use glittery, bright coloured, pinky dolly stuff.

for blog


According to fashion gurus, the first thing people notice about you are ‘the shoes.’

As with dresses, manage your wardrobe with at least two pair of shoes for each type of occasion. With shoes, the first thing you should ever be worried about is your comfort.

Second comes in type and colours. For office/professional use once again keep it simple and stay away from gaudy designs. Simple designs in our desi footwear – kolapori chappal and khusse – go well with churridars and are considered trendy too.

for blog 2

A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.

Christian Louboutin – French footwear designer.


Bare minimum.

When it comes to professional dressing, accessories should only be as much as are necessary to reflect your femininity.

Tip: Follow the 5 piece rule: your earrings make 2 pieces, a wrist watch/bracelet, one ring and one pendant. (maximum)


Keep it light.

Invest in quality products if you are a regular user. It shows.

Instead of using base, go for day creams/BB creams for office hours.

Use slim eye liner and light colour lip-gloss.

That’s all you need.

Tip: Rouge only works for those who know how to keep it simple.


iACT offers a specially designed module for personal development and grooming focusing on essential 21st century workplace skills to enhance self-concept and soft skills of students and help them take charge of their lives while positively contributing towards betterment of self, community and society.


CAMP- Create Your Own Possibilities

A three-tier program specially put together to prepare artistic legends in the field of multimedia technology, CAMP (Creative Arts and Multimedia Program) brings a fresh perspective to designing your career the way you see fit. With its wide scope courses in the domain of Sketching and Designing, 3D and 4D Effects, and Web and App designing/development this program counts as the best of its kind. Besides, on-job training lets you get a feel of the professional industry.

three steps of CAMP (graphic)

Learning stages of CAMP

The three layered program starts with one month of interactive sessions with mentors and field experts to spark your dormant aptitude and help you initiate your career planning.

The second step is to make you one of your kind by providing a variety of 1/1.5 years long courses to choose from.

The journey shifts to a new one with a month of On-Job-Training in order to polish your practical skills and pressure management. The training will take place in one of the leading media organizations.


CAMP courses summarized

Summarized version of CAMP

CAMP is not only designed to make you shine in one color but in a rainbow of various hues by providing necessary yet free add on courses including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pre-defined CMS
  • MS Office
  • English Language Classes
  • Entrepreneurship Training

This training will help you get registered and start your own online business and get freelance work.

Comparative Perks:

  • Since the institute is part private part government and not-for-profit, all courses are offered at much lesser charges than any other multimedia institute in town.
  • Much area is allotted to the building allowing more space for students to roam freely and work at ease.
  • Professional faculty members are chosen through multiple skills evaluation procedures to give the best to our students.

How to decide on your next career move?

You are standing on the crossroads.

You have just completed your Intermediate or Graduation studies and are not sure where to go next.

There are so many options out there, but not all are for you and nor are you eligible for all.

So what to do? How to choose?

The process of making a career choice involves three stages:

 Understand your strengths

Know your options

Make an informed selection

So my friend, ask yourself: Am I creative? Am I a techie? 


If yes then you already know your strengths. You have crossed the toughest stage of this process.

Knowing your options is not much difficult. All you need is a bit of research.


Look up on the internet or ask around among family and friends. CAMP- Creative Arts and Multimedia Program is one option you will come across again and again, because after all we promise the best training in town. (Read: 5 features that make CAMP different)

And finally, the core point is to know what lies ahead, what will your future look like? To make an informed choice, you will need statistics.

Chart over mobile telephone

For someone who wants to enter the multimedia industry, here are some important facts:

Pakistan’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry will exceed $1o billion mark in the next five years.

The employment growth rate in the industry is over 41%.

About 1 million freelancers work from Pakistan.

World’s famous online market places rate Pakistan among top 5 freelancing nations.

A career in the communications and media industry looks promising for a Pakistani. It is one of the fastest growing industries, with job and entrepreneurial opportunities waiting to be grabbed.

But at the end of it all, remember, nothing is gained without hardwork.

Reference: P@SHA – Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES
           Pakistan Startup Report

5 features that make CAMP different

Digital media is everywhere. Technical gadgets and communicative media have transformed every facet of our lives, especially our work dynamics. Today for a successful professional life one has to embrace and actively seek multimedia expertise.

More than eight institutes across Karachi offer multimedia courses that claim to prepare you for this digitized, media centric professional world.  So why choose CAMP?

CAMP is not just another multimedia course.  It is a learning journey.

1. Foundation Classes


CAMP is the only program that places special emphasis on developing and straightening core technical concepts and intelligence of students by offering foundation skills course.

2. Industry demand based UK Certified Courses


We promise you a rigorous and fun learning journey with courses based on market trends and scope to provide you with marketable multimedia skills.

3. Special emphasis on personality and career development


CAMP offers you wholesome learning experience by providing you a platform for life skills development through

  • Soft Skills Workshops & Seminars
  • English Language Classes
  • Exposure Visits
  • Guest Speaker Sessions & Webinars

4. State-of-the-Art Campus & Learning Facilities at iACT


Institute for Advancing Careers and Talents (iACT) values the time and money of its students. We believe in offering the best return for your investment in learning with modern facilities.

  • Purpose-built campus spread over 2.5 acres
  • Three hi-tech computer labs with OHP
  • Air conditioned classrooms & seminar halls
  • Well-equipped library with over 1000 books
  • Gymnasium/ Sports and Fitness Facilities
  • Peaceful environment, away from traffic congestion
  • Study Hall
  • Cafeteria

5. Career Counseling and Internship/Job placement services


CAMP in collaboration with leading creative and media organizations will offer you a mandatory one month On-Job-Training to hone your practical skills and prepare you to enter heads on into the job market. Our expert counseling team will also guide you through job search and other employment prospects.

See you at iACT.